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Friday, November 11, 2011

Yet more Twinbrook Fixer Upper

I know some of you may be exercising tremendous restraint by not making any jokes about the hope Twinbrook has of being fixed up.

You know...the more I see the Twinbrook townies, the more I appreciate them.   They might benefit from new makeup and hair, and slightly smaller eyes, but they're quirky and fun.   Though, now I've remembered to install that lazy eye slider, so I might edit a few of them.  Some of them do send out a certain lazy eye vibe.  Would benefit from an edit in CAS session.

Well, now that I've taken a few moments to picture crazy eyed Twinbrookians with Lady Gaga hair it's time to move on.

Oh my sims! posted a link to these fixed up Twinbrook lots.  They are just gorgeous!  They have everything I love about Twinbrook - a little moody, a little weathered, some Spanish moss, plus as a bonus they are amazingly attractive.

I plunked the community garden in, only adding more lights so I could get good pictures at night.

Then I replaced the town center with Lilymayrose's version - added in more lights, removed some fountains, added more flowers, replaced the Gnubb with a wedding area, and added a music source and a dance floor.   It didn't really need new flowers, I just wanted to use these.

Her version is so much better I can't imagine ever going back to the original.  I might actually want to bring my sims there, instead of keeping them inside until they get the stir crazy moodlet.

Yup, Pets totally adds a new level of realism to the Sims. Going to the park is just like this.

should have put in a larger dance floor

I also used one of Jynx's rabbithole rugs, turning a room in the museum into the theater.  I downloaded them ages ago, but never used them.   I'm giving it a couple days, and if it works out then I'll delete the old theater and replace it with...something.   Maybe a club or a cat ranch.

I also built a ranch.  Do you know what's worth the price of admission?  Watching a fat horse excitedly jump over the wee little baby jump.

I used the previous Criminal Warehouse lot - so the view is interesting, and I was able to build the Science Lab a new shady warehouse.  I love you Science Lab, and I want you to be happy.

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