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Monday, November 7, 2011

Twinbrook Revamp continues

I decided to just put Claudia everywhere, except where I put Lestat.   XD

I'm thinking of putting in a search party for Poida, is what Twinbrook needs.  We have dogs now!  You can train them to recognize scents, right?

Ok, ok.   No caffeine yet today.  I am drinking it now.

What I've actually done is replace the business office and diner with a twofer - using the original military lot.

I'm not exactly thrilled with that big orange landscaping blob, but it will do for now.

Plus, the scenic views of water towers and abandoned, mysterious, government warehouses just feels very appropriately Twinbrook to me.

Then I added a new lot next to the dirt road in the swamp region for the new abandoned warehouse.

I think this is my favorite one so far.  Probably because of the hopscotch in the back.  'All work in no play'...right?

Despite the fact that the Twinbrook science lab is apparently in cahoots with the criminal underbelly, as it looked like they shared a small warehouse between them, I deleted the old Abandoned warehouse.   Sorry, science lab, you'll have to go back to storing things in the river.

If it helps any I think I'll use that space to put in a bar or two.   If the game will let me delete the huge lot and put in two smaller ones.   Often it won't even let me delete a lot and then put the same one back.   So there, there, shady science lab, it will all be ok.  Even if I have to exit without saving a couple times first.

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