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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Twinbrook fix-er up-er

The Miliners and I returned to Twinbrook and it was a lagging, glitchy hot mess.

I was really hoping I'd be able to survive Twinbrook for another generation or so before moving them to a new town, but...the lurching lag zombies got me.  So tragic.

In between working on the next update, I've been trying to update a new Twinbrook, so it could be pets ready.  If a split my time between updates and updating Twinbrook both projects are less likely to send me over the proverbial edge.

One of my biggest peeves about the town is that the rabbit holes take up so much space, leaving relatively little room for houses.   So, my plan is to take advantage of the multi-purpose rabbit holes and revamp the heck out of everything.  Plus, I really fancy the style of many of the Appaloosa Plains buildings, once the faux-rustic useless fences and things are stripped away.

I first used the new City Hall.   I added some landscaping and Gnubb (to try and explain that stupid crosswalk off to the side), tested it, and then deleted the military base and police station.  Good times.

I also finished the B&B revamp - lookit the widdle moggy/mongrel house!

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