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Sunday, September 11, 2011

keeping busy

I finished a set of 18 fantasy skin tones.

I used Photoshop trickery and the noise gradient tool to make scattered colors, similar to the chaos alien I did before.

Would anyone like to test them/see them first/take pictures of them in use?

Here are their descriptions:
Scatter Genes - skintones to help prevent boring babies

Fruits - generally monochromatic-ish
  • 11 - peach skin, pale to bright orange, burnt orange, dark brown
  • 10 - palest heather, purples, midnight purple
  • 9 - pale peach, blue toned pinks, fuschia, wine
  • 8 - pale heather, light blue, mid blue, storm blue, dark navy
  • 7 - shades of turquoise, evening blue, near black blue-green
  • 6 - pale olive, lime, shades of olive, forest green, near black
  • 5 - pink, red, vibrant red, brick
  • 20 - pale sunny yellow, yellows, Tang
  • 3 - tan, orange, cherry red, brick
  • 28 - pale pink, magenta, vibrant red-violet
Opals - many different colors in one slider
  • 13 - peach, shades of lime, storm blue, lavender, violet, greens, near-black navy
  • 16 - magenta, pinks and purples, greyed pinks and purples, wines, dark lizard green
  • 17 - pale violet, sunset colors, terra cotta
  • 18 - pale sage, pale pinks, pale blues, pale teal, pinks, blinding hot pink
  • 15 - pale blue-pink, peaches, clay, grey-peach, grey, lizard green
Paints - two primary colors and a secondary color in the center
  • 25 - bright yellow, oranges, red, brick
  • 26 - bubble gum pink, pink, purples, blues
  • 27 - bright yellow, lime, bright greens, blue, violet
Any interest in playing with these?  Just drop a comment and I'll try to get the files to you.   Any pictures of them in use I will gleefully collect and post here after I get the files ready to officially release.   :)

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