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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today is a day


I might have tea in between cups o' joe though.    I don't want to have to rename this blog or anything.

But, I really want to get those screenshots organized.   In theory, it will be very helpful.   So, say, if I want a picture of Fisher fishing in France, I'll just need to type that in.  

Speaking of that, if you are a starving artist, you might want to consider signing up as a substitute teacher/ teacher's aide/ paraprofessional / secretary.   Not for the money (hahahaha, no.) but for the 80% Adobe discount.   That's better then money, because it's art supplies.

Even President Nixon took a break from meowing to yawn and doze a little.   I think he can meow yodel in his sleep though, so that's alrigh' then.

We had awesome weather last night - as in inspired awe.   I was sure the rain was hail, but no, it was just raining like it was serious business.

This post is boring and not caffeinated enough.   Let me see if I can rustle up something entertaining from the screen shot depths.

Here's Cho, out shopping for future Miliners to "innocently invite" to "just a house party, no real reason."  This one isn't bad, but a bit too old for any of the grandkids.  Also, she clearly is suspicious of the force of nature behind her.

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