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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Winter Holiday in July

I like GOS, mostly because it's an active forum, but with a small TS3 section.  So, it's all the benefits of an active forum, but also all the shy-person benefits of a small, abandoned forum.   But with the occasional corset.

Anyway, if you are a lurker there, please consider the gift exchange sign up thread here.   So far, there are very few people that have signed up.   And I know there are people who stop by here who I would love to be able to make gifts for.

This post just needed a picture...maybe more then 1...

And lets be honest, an official gift thread takes a lot of creeper out of it.  I often feel like I should follow up, "I made you a random gift!" with "May I smell your hair, now?"     (But yet when other people make random gifts, THAT is not creepy, it's sweet.  I guess I just hold myself to a more neurotic standard?)
yum, brains


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