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Friday, July 1, 2011

:D the new Library

Due to various reasons we dropped cable, and are using that money for fun money instead.   So I bought the new goth library.

Here is why:

1: Grotesque columns - and with sufficient abuse of a fog emitter they could probably make decent gargoyles.   Maybe.   Worth trying.   Waterfalls might all be too big.   STOP JUDGING ME
2.  I can finally make science fight magic.

I don't understand some of the instant hate, or why people are assuming that this will be it for magic in the Sims 3 for all time.  There is no way to understand EA, they clearly release so much Wonderland stuff because they are all mad as hatters.   I think it's best not to play the "Try to think like EA" game, because it will give you mercury poisoning.

I like the library - it is beautifully decorated and many parts of it have acceptably attractive lighting for snapping pictures.    All it needs is computers and some toddler toys in the graveyard and it will be a lovely place to spend the day.  There's even a place to eat burnt chow, and a bathtub - in case books make you stink.

Edit to add: I do wish the remains had been full of Goths.   It would have been awesome to have ghosts reading at night.    Also, it looks like it was set up to have a caretaker, like in the Nectary.  Though with the weird release time, maybe the Library team just ran out of time?  Oh wait...playing the think like EA game...mercury levels...rising.

I took some pictures, but they all have new characters for the comic, so..umm...back to the digital drawing board.  <3

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