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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Added Disqus ♥

I am trying out Disqus for comments.   So it looks like all the comments have vanished.  I still HAVE them, but they are no longer listed. is everyone today?

I'm about to try a new (to me - the actual recipe is probably very old) cake recipe.  It has yogurt in it.


My sim  parents got a Call to Vacation while someone was baking a pie, and the whole kitchen caught on fire.   Next time, I will move the stove outside or delete it, or something.

One of my (non-legacy) kids aged up and immediately had to go to prom.  Where she was voted Prom Queen and got a boyfriend.

Her sister got rejected, and then rounded up by the police when she went to go pout on the slide, and then was grounded a day later when her arsonist parents returned from vacation.  I'd call that a bad prom, really.

Edit to ask:
Does anyone know where I can find a hodge-podge house of all different building styles all smushed together?   I could build one, or edit an EA house, but I'd love to find one already done.

Another edit:
For those of you (yay, hello!) who visit to see Miliner Project comics (yay, thank you!) I am guessing that the long period of time can be frustrating.  Heck, I find it frustrating.   So I added a little text on the very bottom of the page where I can post updates on my progress.

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