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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I realized I use a lot of things by Evie

I still have a relatively sane amount of CC, but yet I still seem to have greedily downloaded rather a lot of things (relatively speaking) from Evie.

Which I love.

And will post pictures of.

Face Contour Mineral Wear

In case you are wondering Garden is playing chess, THAT is why she's making that face.

The lipstick is by LemonLeaf

 I love how the contouring makeup looks on her eyes on the corners.

 I have it set as costume makeup, but I really should have just used it as blush, because when it sits over a second layer of blush it looks off, especially since Garden has green doll skin.  Next time!

Speaking of the green BJD skin...

Garden was, of course, made with Evie's BJD conversion - which is I think how I got to Evie's blog, and then just started clicking on dowload links willy nilly.  

Look at those cute little knees.

Plus I do love this color, even though I'm sure most people prefer not to have zombie skin tone plant loving BJD vampire dolls wandering around their game.

Is it less creepy with dolly blush?

Oh....and also...

In conclusion:  Hurray! <3

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