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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Some files for you

I posted some things at my Tumblr.  You should Tumbl.   Yes.  Especially since Simblreen is soon.  :)

Tone files for creators.  :)

These are not skin tone sliders, just the dds and png files required for adding tones in Skininator.
If you want skin tones I have an older set here.***

What the heck is going on here:
After my wrist surgery I decided to do some graduated/graded washes. They’re a little messy, but that’s ok.  Then I took 5-20 pixel wide samples of each and squished them in 64 x 64 blocks.
Now I’m sharing the files with you, so you can play around with them.  You can edit, merge, fuss around with, attach to your skins, or anything you like.

Download (Mediafire)

Edit: Yes, you can to use these for environment files, though I don’t think they take 64x64 dds files(?!?!). I don’t know anything about custom lighting and water, so please don’t ask me for help;  I can’t help with that.

***link to an alternate download for the Scatter Genes skin tones

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