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Friday, December 21, 2012

Innocent Abandoned House

Innocent Abandoned House
 an alternative Criminal Hangout for Lucky Palms

I didn’t really like the criminal hangout for Lucky Palms.  It is the perfect town for a Wild West type hideout, but instead we were given a warehouse (that looked like it should be a junkyard).

Lot size: 30x20

I placed a new lot on Lakeside Dr., across from the military base.  The location is indicated in red on the map image.

  • Pets
  • World Adventures
  • Supernatural
  • Hardcore Fence (from the store?)
  • Lucky Palms
  • terrain paints 1
This is in package format, put it in your Library folder.

And yes, I did convert the original rabbit hole lot into a junkyard - that file will come tomorrow.

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