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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gravity Won Warehouse

UPDATE:  There is a problem with the junk spawners, apparently EA broke them in an update?  That is the word on the street, anyway.   If you have this in your game you will need to edit it, go into buy debug, and delete junk spawners 2,3, and 4.   They are spawning brand new furniture instead of junk, causing the junkyard to fill up! Then next time I open the game I will do the same and update the file.

UPDATE UPDATE: Now available in three flavors - all salvage spawners, spawners 1 and 2 (they seem to be working normally), and no spawners.

Gravity Won Warehouse
Lucky Palms Junkyard

Lot: 40 x 40 (103 Lakeside Dr.)

This lot is the re-purposed criminal warehouse.  It was nice of EA to provide most of the fence and some of the junk already.
Sometimes, I think the EA employees are doing their best to provide us with expansion pack lots, but upper management has decided store worlds aren’t allowed to have them show up, even though expansion pack worlds auto-load lots all the time.  So they have to sneak them in there and hope that someone finishes the job.
DOWNLOAD - all salvage spawners
This is a .package file, put it in your Library folder.

(newer downloads have some spare furniture left in because it fit and was funny)
DOWNLOAD - spawners 1 and 2 (seem to work as advertised)

DOWNLOAD - NO salvageable furniture spawners

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