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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

sim me 1.5

 Someone requested my simself for an asylum challenge, and that makes me guffaw heartily.

Also, skasumi said she looks like Miss Frizzle.  And… that’s cool.  <3 <3 <3

Good Sense of Humor, Natural Cook, Artistic, Nurturing, Childish
LTW: The Cat Herder

Download Pooky Scones:

Sliders and default replacements ||  Dress - Ambitions || Shoes - LN || Jewelry - SN & Pets || skin (olive/umber) || Beauty Marks || Eye freckle blush by Yukey, I guess?? || lipgloss || glasses || hair (store - actually I have no idea what hair this is, I’ve been through the entire store catalog and help)

Feel free to change outfit, hair, facial structure, or traits as needed.  Please don’t let her be mean.

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