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Sunday, February 5, 2012

SNWHAL sim file: Stella Molasses

Here's a SNWHAL*.  Sorry, no story this time. :/

*Small Nose Wearing Hat(give or take) Alien Lady

Stella Molasses
  • Book Worm, Charismatic, Good Sense of Humor, Handy, Technophobe
    • Leader of the Free World
Stella was manufactured through a process of voting, and believes this experience will help her conquer the new century.

Hair | Blush (swoop) | Nameless Contacts | Eyeshadow | Moles | Freckles 1 and 2 | Skin (26) | Lipstick | Sliders and Default Replacements

outfit: Fast Lane SP
boots: Ambitions EP

Please let me know if her file works.  If it causes CAS to crash, then I will remove it - if it DOES work then I’ll be able to fix and share some of my older sims.  Thank you. :)

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