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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet the Sugroths

First, a quick story - while picking up groceries we ended up with a very friendly cashier.  He kept asking us in different ways if we had plans, or a nice event, or something great on the horizon.  Eventually, he wore down my resistance and I hazarded a 'We get to have brownies?' And he said, "Hey, that's great! You shouldn't make things out to be so bad." It was really adorable, and he was right.   We have brownies!

And my wrist isn't swollen, and hasn't been for a few days.  I could clean, but instead I'm drawing cats.

So. Sugroths - a minor success in my battle against the Sims 3.  I still have about 2/3rds of my CC removed, and I realized I lost all families from my Library.   Including a whole host of characters I'd made to toss into the Miliner mix.

So I remade the Sugroths, and now teen Sulenus looks a little like Jon Stewart.  All is well.

Father Helmutt, son Solenus, and Helmutt's sister Emily

You know? The blogspot image thingermabob really makes my images blurry. :/

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