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Saturday, December 17, 2011

In theory, we like sims

I put this on my Tumblr, but in a lot of ways it makes more sense here.  To me.  In my head.

More Party is More Bettererer
Thanks to feedback and support, I am attempting to type up a coherent and helpful post, so that we can start celebrating any holiday we happen to read about on the internet.
Party for Any Reason: CC probably not required
It would be fun to make and share sims - with a goal of being able to open them in CAS and toss them into our games in under 15 minutes.  Easy to download, easy to use, easy to share, and mostly easy to romance easy to get them matching their original pictures.
I always thought Arisuka had a good idea, because all you need is the .sim file.  There’s no extra CC to track down, no risk of charcoal skin…
Want to jump in?

I’ll keep a running list of available sims, just send me a note to let me know to add you.
Your sim should be vaguely CC free-ish, and available as a .sim file.  Sims3pack optional.
What does no CC mean?
It means that whoever is downloading your sim file won’t need to download extra makeup, skins, eyebrows, or so on. I love CC, but it doesn’t always work right, and not everyone uses it.

Base game and expansion pack clothes, skin, hair, makeup, and patterns only.  Just say which expansion packs your sim used :).
Some sliders transfer just fine, and some don’t.  Generally speaking, slider multipliers and sliders that adjust placement and size seem to transfer fine.  Just mention in your sim’s description if you used sliders.
Sliders that change the shape of the face or ears only work when installed - some examples are chin cleft, lip bow, and elf ears.  So please don’t use them for this project. :(
I don’t know anything about sims 2 sims, because I always kept mine to myself.  So, um, do whatever is fun. :)
When can I start?
Right now! So go go go!
Have fun :)
And we’ll draw to a close on January 2nd.

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