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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Twinbrook Revamp I might be done?

I might be done to the point that the town is generally interesting and usable enough to be worth moving in.

I don't know why I did half the things I did.


Lets see...I added one of Jynx's rugs to the gym, so I could delete the stadium.  I hated the original stadium, it was so bulky and out of place.
Then I replaced it with the Imp Cat Memorial Arcade and Morgan's Ale house.

I sent Juan to the Arcade, so he could relax and enjoy himself:
You're a Yeti.

Then life has not all been for 'naught!  Thank you, miniature monk.

Then he spent the rest of the time staring out the window.   Well, I thought the games looked fun.

And since I know from experience the school will experience door jam problems, I put in a second school.

I used the original business park location, and a lightened version of an EA premade house, the Ginger.  Do you see the weird rug sitting out on the lawn? That's the actual rabbit hole, with plenty of space around it for milling around and foot tapping.

And since the original school is next to the snooty McMansion larger homes, I put an equestrian center next to it.

And I also put in the pet store (which tries so painfully hard to be adorable I've decided it must be the base of operations for something sinister) and the Bubble Buzz.

I added a dog park and turned the original cafe lot into a cat park.

It still needs more houses, but I think I can wait until Story Progression starts throwing me failure to find a home notices to add them in.

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