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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

1. Yes, the next legacy update is really really in progress.
2. I have no idea if any of the CC I made works with the new update, because I've put off fussing with my files until I finish the update.   If I'm going to make the Miliners explode, then by golly it's going to be after the update.
}. I'm delaying making new CC until my preferred CC making software is shiny and updated.
3. I'm back to volunteering at PonyIsland.
4. My mom's one remaining pet sheep is sick.  It has been a rough autumn.
5. Ocelot lives on!
The Custard Chronicles
I'm so excited. :)
6. More and more of my blather is going on my tumblr.  Seems like it would be less annoying there?
Some interesting tags might be:
Miliner Project
Riverblossom Hills

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