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Monday, April 25, 2011


If you don't currently follow Archivist's blog, now is a good time to start.

Hopefully her absence from the EA forums will just be temporary.  :/

Update:  Yes, it sounds like it will just be temporary. :)

Come, let us go frolic in Photoshopia Land - the unexpected home of the round marmot.


angiebeno said...

I hope so too!

It makes me mad when there are so many people posting utter drivel who just get away with it :(

Shyne said...

How is your wrist going?

Scones For Cream Tea said...

angie - I actually don't stray out of the stories section too much anymore, and it's pretty cozy there. :)

Oh hello Shyne, love your lipsticks, thank you for stopping by! <3 I had an mri yesterday, actually, and that was a bit fascinating until my arm went numb. Hurrr. So I guess that is wrist related progress, or a step towards progress. It will be easy to tell when it's better because suddenly painted landscapes and kittens will show up on everything. Wow, that's turning into a long answer. Thank you for asking!

Shyne said...

I look forward to seeing more kittens around lol I'm currently taking hair retexture requests at my blog... I have 4 already that I'm working on lol