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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Miliner House So Far

Who among us does not have platonic feelings of severe love for Club Crimsyn? After looking at converted corn for the, well...I've spent a lot of time looking at that corn wondering if I should make the jump from skin/hair/maternity clothes to also using custom build supplies.  And yes, yes I think I should.

But I know once I use the corn and foxglove and so on it will soon turn into tables with more clutter slots and custom cubbies and many many more plants.  And before long sharing the legacy house will just become increasingly silly, because there's only so many pieces of CC I think I can list before breaking down into sarcastic laughter at myself and deleting the entry.

It already has patterns (which I guess, technically, are CC) and a load of store content (oh, Daily Deal, how you tempt me).  Sorry guys, I didn't really make it to be uploaded.  But I am sharing it because it's campy and cute and why not?

More pictures - more or less accurate (it's a lived in house so small changes are being made constantly)

Top floor (baby floor)

upstairs master bedroom for parents

upstairs play area
second floor
first floor
walk in basement

basement workout room

basement door

nectar room

movie area

Topsy Turvey Single Bed
Tea Time In Disguise Table Lamp
Two Scoops of Sun Wall Lamp 
Novelty Office Chair Collection
Barnacle Bay cannon (argh, drama)
BahHaus Fence
Collectionne Stäncké
Ultimate Fridge
Stelevision Model V1
Hogan’s Deep-Fried Diner Starter Kit
Eye of the Bolder ‘10
Earth Day
Harvest Bounty  
Halloween Treats 
More Halloween Treats
as much as possible from T-Mobile

Do you see what I mean about impending sarcastic laughter and just deleting the entry?

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