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Friday, February 25, 2011

Feedback welcome

Here is my progress so far on my skintone ramps:

The original, Sepia:
Based on sepia photographs, with many different color samples arranged lightest to darkest.

a more EA type of tone ramp with just different shades of the same color
based on colorized film, where the color turns out a little strange
also looks like spray tan

this one still vexes me
based on faded, dusty pictures
not exactly a fantasy color, but not exactly life-like, as old pictures don't have vibrant looking people in them

These are just skin tone ramps, like the Fawkes skintones, not new skins.

Please let me know what I should fix.

My model is Agnes Crumplebottom.  :D

 New comic on Sunday! \o/
I'm so excited and thankful that people are reading them.   Hello people!

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